Villa projects in Thrissur

Why would I consider buying a property in Thrissur?

Thrissur is developing as a commercial hub. Thousands of people from various parts of the country come here in search of jobs. So a there is constant demand for housing options for people to buy or rent.

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Some encouraging facts regarding the town of Thrissur:

  • The cultural capital of Kerala is witnessing rapid urban middle-class expansion since the last decade.
  • Thrissur’s landscape is the third largest in the state of Kerala and the 20th largest in the whole of India.
  • The city region alone houses approximately 38% of the entire population of Thrissur district.
  • This shows the potential urbanization trends in this vibrant city.

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What are the positive trends that will assure me a high return on my property investment in Thrissur?

  • The city of Thrissur is expanding along its peripheries. So the urban fringe here is steadily acquiring a cosmopolitan population just as in the heartlands.

  • Saturation within the mainland areas of the city is driving developers to focus on niche areas where land is easily available and still reasonably priced.

  • The niche areas developed by leading builders in the city get integrated with the course of time with the main city. Government agencies initiate infrastructure projects to expand the social and physical infrastructure.

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What is the outlook for the future?

At present, the Thrissur Municipal Corporation covers an area of approximately 101.42 square kilometers. The Thrissur Urban Development Authority (TUDA) is undertaking more than 18 square kilometers of buffer area that is under the jurisdiction of the Thrissur Panchayat. This is a major boost for real estate development here. As a premier builder in the city, Kairali Homes is aware of these statistics and facts and understands the overall demand scenario in the housing sector. The short and long-term outlook is definitely positive.

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What is the financial health of the housing projects being undertaken in Thrissur?

House for sale in Thrissur

  • Prominent builders in Thrissur are busy throughout the year with an ever-growing demand for residential and commercial projects. They are offering turnkey residential projects for buyers in different budget ranges.

  • Financial institutions are prepared to support the funding of these projects.

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How is the overall social infrastructure in Thrissur?

  • The economy of Thrissur enjoys healthy growth with rising disposable incomes of the working class.

  • The social aspirations of the people are expanding.

  • As per the Census 2011, the literacy rate in Thrissur is more than 95%. This indicates that the secondary and tertiary economic activities continue to get the boost through the educated classes here.

  • Buyers have a wide choice of superior quality land plots, apartments and villas in Thrissur according to their tastes and budgets.

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