It is always an arduous job to find the best place that fits your aesthetics. Well here we; Kairali Homes has brought you an amazing choice by delivering you our latest project of ‘Anokha Gardens’; carefully crafted to bring your dreams to life.

Location has always played an important role in choosing the perfect villa of your choice. With the modernisation and digital technologies coming up, the preference of people on the topic of location has also changed drastically over time. By widely focusing on an easier, modern, stress free lifestyle, people have shifted their location preferences from less facility-centers to big cities and towns, which provide them with the best features of healthcare, education, better job opportunities, modern technologies etc.

While taking the case of Thrissur, one of the well known cities in Kerala as well as India (south India in particular), Anokha Gardens is the perfect place to live your life to its fullest as it is one of the latest facilities-serving apartments you can ever come across here.

location advanatges of anokha gardens

Since location serves as a key role in choosing the right place for you, here we present our latest project ‘Anokha Gardens’. Located in Amala Nagar, it gives you a wonderful experience of convenience and comfortability in every aspect. It is magnificently connected and close to popular and urbanized malls like Shoba City and Lulu Mall; these factors make it a compatible choice for your busy life. The Thrissur-Kunnamkulam road serves as the perfect way for mobilization as it provides you with a lot of options for traveling. Anokha Gardens is spread over 1 Acre of land and is just 200 meters away from the Amala Chittilapilly Road. Adding to mobilizing features it is a place of minimal traffic. Being close to Amala Hospital you can have a 24/7 medical emergency unit closeby (1.4 km; 4minutes). It is close to many popular schools which stay up as a perfect option for education facilities. With all these factors of healthcare, education, communication, personal space etc. Anokha gardens is undoubtedly the impeccable choice for you.

Currently, there are 17 Villas with 3 and 4 Bedrooms, each of them designed expertly by the team at Kairali Homes which can give you enough personal-space experience. If you are looking for a place that is worth the money you spend and a place that acts as an all-rounder to meet up all your requirements, Anokha Gardens is the best option available for you. We Kairali Homes have other projects coming up and have accomplished. For more information about our recent projects visit our website.